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Comprehensive Soutions

The purpose of hiring a project manager is to reduce risk and to make the best use of the client's time and money. Keys to success include early goal setting and monitoring the three primary elements of time, cost, and quality. The manager's role is to act as the hub of communication and facilitation between the ownership group, the design team, and the contractor to reduce the project impact on the client's daily life.

From the due diligence phase through facilities management, my services offer the benefit of decades of experience to reduce risks, assure that resources are used properly and free up valuable time for the client. 

Building an office, home, office TI or remodel, and managing multiple properties take time. Most of my client would rather spend their time focusing on their business and family, not another project.

The most successful projects occur when everyone works from their strong suit. Designers shouldn’t have to chase clients for decisions or contractors for information. Contractors shouldn't have to wonder about the status of an RFI, submittal, or pay application. Owners should not wonder who is tracking all of the issues.


I have worked on almost all building types and with most typical building materials. The size of projects has been both large and small. Experiences include tenant improvement, new construction, and remodels. Geographically, my projects have been located throughout the Puget Sound as well as in Oregon, Texas, Louisiana, California, Hawaii, and Massachusetts

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